Discovery Church

Guest Blogger Cristina Dyer

Discovery’s Community Missions Project.

By Cristina Dyer

“We have a very unique and exciting opportunity to partner with Gary and Tammy at Opportunity, Community, and Justice for Kids. This is a care program that assists many of our youth that are entering and leaving the foster care homes in our state. Their program consists of mentorship, sponsorship, and building 3 different kinds of care packages.

The first is a suitcase. This is a medium size suitcase that is created for the young adults aging out of the foster care system at 18 yrs old.

The 2nd package is a Kinship Kit. This kit is medium- large size tote that was created for the children that are being stripped from their homes. They don’t have the opportunity to grab a toothbrush, a blanket, or even their favorite toy.These packs, are comfort packs.

The last package is a Welcome Kit. This is a plastic storage container that has a paper label for a name. These packs are held in each group home for the youth entering the foster care system. They have basic hygiene products and are specific to a boy or girl.

So our goal for Discovery Church is to create 5 of each package to sponsor the OCJ Program. This may sound like a small goal right now but I believe we can go above and beyond to sponsor the group homes in the Quad City area. This is the plan. For anyone interested, come sign up on the sheet and grab a shopping list. Hold onto your supplies, because on December 14th we will have a Packing party right after service to assemble all the packs and fellowship with one another. This is a great mission that hit my heart and I believe we can have a hand in making a big difference for the children in our community.”

Thank you for joining us in this very important effort.


Cristina Dyer


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