Discovery Church

What does a greeter look like at Discovery Church?


What is so important about being a greeter at Discovery Church Prescott?

Here are a few pointers.
We never get a second chance to make a first impression so this is important each Sunday.
Be early – (9:40).

Smile and be genuine. You are the very first impression that many people have of our church.
Welcome them like you’d welcome them if they were coming over to your house.
Handshakes are appropriate but don’t force them. Some people don’t like to shake hands.
Remember that people come to church for many reasons. Some are hurting, some are skeptical, sometimes they are just “bringing the kids”. A warm and friendly welcome will go a long way to breaking down walls and allowing them to get the most out of their time at Discovery.
Keep an eye out for first time guests. They should be our priority. We love our regular attenders too, but they don’t need as much help finding the restrooms for example. There should be two or more guides floating that can guide the first time guests to their seats, to the kids area, to the restrooms or wherever else they might need to go. If no other greeter is available to guide them, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of other church members/regular attenders and introduce the visitor to them and ask them to help.
It’s very tempting to get caught up in conversations with friends. We need to remember that we have a job to do. Invite your friends help you with your job.
Help and assist elderly and families with children
Keep your eyes open for other situations that need attention (medical situations, safety situations, etc.)
Got a good idea of how something can be improved? We are always looking for new ideas.
Have fun and love the people that you get to serve. Be energetic. God is an alive and exciting God, Discovery is too.
Thank you for considering serving your church in this very vital area.
Remember, hospitality is Gods idea. – Hebrews13:2
If you guys are interested in serving in this ministry txt me an “I’m in” txt and let’s have a brief meeting after service next week.

Thank you for considering helping us make discovery a better place for people to find a community of faith, hope and love.




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