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Guest Blogger – Jason Dyer

I am really proud of this world changer because he has changed my world.10468145_897395006940088_6253573653886600009_o 10947401_10206178535362783_9110792250010946493_o

Jason has been apart of the Discovery Prescott Tribe for close to three years and he has accomplished much.

I would use three words to define my friend Jason. – MINISTRY, MARRIAGE, MOMENTUM. 10750030_647304428715911_6838267962551127181_o   10560580_647302905382730_5090571659487900562_o He is a go getter/self starter and learner. 218509_10150190607629406_4412650_o

Tonight he posted a short blurb on the FB and I had to guest blog it.

“Wilderness is an experience and it must be felt: the air breathed, the rivers sipped from, the peaks climbed, the natural sounds attended to. Wilderness is an area to realize goals. It’s a place for reflection, physical and mental challenge, and renewal. Wilderness is emotional. It’s a place for jubilation, doubt, wonder, inspiration.” I need to be in the wilderness..”

Jason Dyer worship Pastor @ Recreation Manager – United Christian Youth Camp 1907695_10203519177445146_2122721484_o

Thank you friend for all that you bring to the table of our tribe. Love you buddy. zion

You are a gift to me.

Pastor Steve


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