3 thoughts on “About Steve Lummer

  1. Steve lives in Prescott Arizona with his beautiful wife Brenda.
    Together they have been in ministry for close to 30 years.
    Steve pastor’s Prescott First Assembly of God church in Prescott.

    He loves mountain biking, canoeing, trout fishing, camping and spending adventure time with his family.
    His daughter Natascha is the joy of his life and His son Caleb is an example of what makes a dad proud to have a son.

    for other information:

  2. Carrie Arnold says:

    You mentioned your blog so I goolged you and found it. I enjoyed insight into someone I’ve known but never really known. That’s a good thing.

  3. Kenney Denney says:

    Thank you Pastor Steve for this article. It helped me to be open to God’s working in my life. As I see you and the work that you and Brenda are putting into doing the gospel of Christ. Thank God for you. I wonder can I do the same with the same wisdom you bring Pastor Steve in my work. Live well brother in Christ.

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