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Preskitt Tea Party

Instead of having our regular Wednesday night men’s  small group I decided to take the guys to see what was going on at the town square here in Prescott.

Temperatures dipping into the 30s prompted organizers to informally dub their tea party protest an “iced tea” protest, but the chill didn’t stop approximately 2,000 people from covering the north side of the county courthouse plaza in Prescott Wednesday night.


Most of the Prescott crowd appeared to be in the 50-and-over age category, although a half-dozen teens calling themselves the “Future Debtors of America”


As we pulled up we just happened to land a parking place right in front of the action. We were able to sit the the warm suv and listen to the speechs.

Interesting feel at the event.

( photo’s taken from the Daily Courier)

climate change


It is nice to see some real change.

With 300 plus days of total sunshine here in Prescott it is great to see some change because of the Arizona monsoon season.

The monsoons are here in full swing and it is great to see our own kind of climate change.

Without the monsoons the forest would be as dry as a bone.

It seems even our Prescott National Forest here in Arizona is attempting to be politically correct by staying “green” as possible.

I think the whole earth has big a head start on all this “green talk”….it is the only green planet we have been able to find so far in the entire universe.

Ummmm, nice work God!