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Discovery’s Adopt A Trail Work Day with the Prescott National Forest


What a great day with Discovery and the Prescott National Forest.

In partnership with the PNF we have adopted 2 miles of the Prescott Circle Trail.

Saturday, December 3rd was our first day out doing some trail work.

Enjoy the video and some pics.

Thanks to all who came out to work for a great cause.













All the best!

Pastor Steve




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Earth Day Origins

Interesting article regarding creation and environmental care.

I remember being elementary school in the early 1970’s  and we as as class went out to the playground to plant a tree commemorating Earth Day.

Little did I know that the special day originated from one of our Assembly Of God Ministers..


Description: Darrin Rodgers interviews John and Anna McConnell, Jr., July 15, 2009, at Timberline Church, Fort Collins, Colorado. McConnell, the founder of Earth Day, is a Pentecostal Christian whose grandfather was at the Azusa Street Revival and whose parents were founding members of the Assemblies of God.

At the 19 minute mark on the video, John begins to speak about Earth Day Origins.

Earth day this year is Tuesday April 22nd.

Plant a tree, start a garden, ride your bike.

Recycle : If you love the creator take care of His creation.

Earth Day is everyday.

Pastor Steve




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I just wanted to post a few pics of the latest hazardous fuels work done by the Prescott national Forest Service.

(double click the image with your mouse to enlarge the photo)

Over the past few weeks the PNF has been working to “brush” the Spence Springs or what many know as the  (Emmanuel Pines) area.

After the “decimation” of much of the Granite Basin area there was alot of concern that the PNF would continue on and possibly make the “pines” area look like what happened in the Granite Basin area..Thankfully that didn’t happen.

The PNF was more than willing to meet with and listen to local trail users and curbed some of the intensity of the brushing to leave a distinction between the existing trails and the brushing .

Mitigation is very much needed in this area to prevent an un-contained fire problem.  All agree confidently on that point and fire retardant needs to be able to hit the ground from the air if needed.

Our concern was “overbrushing”  and making the trails in the pines not usable and a mess for a long period of time.

Long story short. THUMBS UP TO THE PNF for giving an ear to some of the locals and preserving  much of the Spence Springs area while at the same time doing the needed hazardous fuels work on the 598  acres section of forest.

Below are some of the “after brushing” pics of the area of concern.

The brushing crew in our estimation, toned down the negative impact on the trail use areas and left a margin of distinction between the trail and the brushing area.

The mosaic the forest service desired to see was accomplish and at the same time the forest seems have its beauty preserved thanks to all involved.

I have spoken with approximately 75 people over the last two weeks who use this area and the comments made have all been positive regarding the brushing in the Spence Springs area.

Just a little communication and consideration made the difference.

Thank you PNF, local trail users and others who made a 598 acre difference in our community.


PNF trail user

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Restoring Eden

Had a great discussion and conversation  with founder Peter Illyn from today in Sedona.

Restoring Eden emphasizes three major ways to engage in stewardship of God’s creation:
*Enjoying God’s creation
*Hands-on service and restoration projects
*Civic engagement and public advocacy
Restoring Eden’s mission is to make hearts bigger, hands dirtier, and voices stronger by rediscovering the biblical call to love, serve, and protect God’s creation.
Restoring Eden is a movement of like-minded people who see a strong connection between our Christian spirituality and our role as caretakers of creation.
Company Overview:
Christians for Environmental Stewardship
I think this ship will be going place in the coming season aheadd….really looking forward to partnering with tis visionary.
psalm 104:24