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Liquid History Pt. 3








This is a picture of a day in the canoe with my son Caleb in Arizona.

He and I have floated in a lot of places but this is one of the most scenic.

Here is a partial list of a few more gifts we have floated.

The Gaconade, the Little Piney, the Meramec, the Courtois, the Huzzah, the Bourbesue,the Northfork, the Current, the Jacks Fork, the Black, the Big Creek and our (ROC) river of choice, THE ELEVENPOINT RIVER in Southern Missouri……….It is the crown jewel! JUST THINK……THAT RIVER IS FLOWING RIGHT NOW JUST LIKE IT DOES EVERYDAY.

Some of the greatest memory makers for my son and I have been in a canoe or at least around one.


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