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Liquid History pt. 4

















What a great week I had with my son Caleb to celebrate him graduating from Full Sail University as well as my 50th birthday.

Brenda was the enabler to allow us to spend the week together in Colorado for  week of fishing and outdoors.

Highlights of the week included:

Hanging round the cool little town of Durango and the Animas river

Spending time in Quray, Gunnison and Crestted Butte.

What a great adventure and gift to celebrate 50 years of God givin life.

The next time we head up to the area again  we plan on rafting both the Animas and Taylor rivers.

There are so many outdoor activities to do in the Southwestern part of Colorado.

So thankful to have so much …..so close.


One thought on “Liquid History pt. 4

  1. Anita Norman says:

    Your mom sent me the link for your blog – it’s great to catch up with you! I have a couple of comments:

    a) What a blessing Brenda has been all these years! I remember so well when you first started dating. All of us other girls were jealous, of course, so we resorted to the stereotypical comments that made things seem better for us somehow, mostly along the lines of, “Yeah, she’s really beautiful, but there’s probably no substance…” HA!! Were WE wrong!!!! God knew you two belonged together and “made it so”. She has been such a help to your ministry, Steve – God bless you both. (I still remember the guys “kidnapping” you after church a few days before the wedding and leaving you tied to the lightpost at the airport…after that kind of start to your life together, maybe everything else has been a piece of cake?)

    b) You cannot POSSIBLY be 50 years old, because I’m only a couple of years younger than you, and I’m no where near 50!!!! Yowza!!

    I’ll keep in touch and keep you in my prayers.


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