A few days ago I was talking with my brother Gary over the phone and I had mentioned to him how boring t.v. can be.
I explained to him after watching the entire 2005 Tour de France DVD set and all three Bourne Identity trilogy movies not to mention CNN, Fox News, The Discovery channel, Food channel and every other channel available to us on cable and that I became so desperate I tuned into the Spanish channel and watched a BABAR cartoon in Spanish.
He got a good laugh from that.
Well today I received a surprise from my brother Gary. His daughter Lindsay and her two sons Christian and  Brandon age drove up from Phoenix and hand delivered Gary’s Xbox for me to use during recovery.
I’m not much of a “game guy” , but I’m going to give it a shot.





Thanks G for your compassion and your unending giving spirit.
You are my hero.

3 thoughts on “SPECIAL DELIVERY

  1. City Mice says:

    Hope your Feeling better!!! He is our hero too!!
    LOVE YOU! By the way if you need gaming assistance…..your “little bro” is an expert!!!

  2. Pastor, Iam John, your Uncle Bob Hutchinson’s son. I am a year younger than Jim Hutch. I have been conversing with your mom for several years now. Looking forward to meetin you and you family
    some day.

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