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For 28 years I have visited people in the hospital or at least did my best to follow up on the sick, the injured or the one who just needed a visit.
I have always felt a compassion on people who for one reason or another have been knocked down in life.
Maybe I do it out of ministry duty or being taught all my life that no matter how busy you are, people who need a visit should be visited and encouraged.
Well, today the tables were turned.

After week three of no driving a car, no walks in the woods, no mtn. bike, and no anything that I enjoy, I was getting “cabin fever ” pretty bad until some mountain bike buddies showed up at my front door to visit me.

WOW, it was great to laugh, joke and to see my friends again.

I usually ride with these guys at least once or twice a week and today they came over to the house after their 22 mile ride.

Pictured below are:

(left to right) Jack, Billy, Joni, Coomsie, Middlemore and the famous Steve Becker

These guys are all top level mountain bikers and I have learned so much from them all.




After they left the house we all headed for a local Mexican joint for a bunch of carbs.
That was when they all “Left their mark” on me.
The “signing of the cast” is an American ritual and tradition that happens when a friend breaks something.
I have signed many cast in my day but I have never known what it was like to personally have people “leave their mark” on me in this way.



Thank you Prescott mountain bike friends for the ink and leaving your mark of friendship with me today.



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