what I am working on right now


This is just a quick ankle update.

Yesterday Mary Beth who is  Doctor Phluger’s assistant cut the cast off my right leg. When she finished she ask me if I wanted to keep it?

My response was……………. “throw the cast away.”

After the doc gave me  the physical therapy options talk I knew I was making progress.

Here is a short list of the progress made yesterday.

1. I Started walking with only one crutch.

2.  Went swimming at our pool for the first time this summer. (wow…pretending to be Michael Phelps was awesome.)

3. Took my first shower in 6 weeks. Good bye bathtub!

4. I put a sock on my right foot.

5. Today I will wear a pair of jeans to the office. 

For the next few weeks I will become AQUAMAN!


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