what I am working on right now


People connections are one of the most important resources we each have.

Think about it just for a moment…. what resources do we have to help us prosper, produce and move forward in this life?

I want to just suggest three right now.

The first one is a “natural”….we call it natural resources its what helps us get the familiar term “GNP” (gross national product) Measures of resources of national income and output are used in economics to estimate the welfare of an economy through totaling the value of goods and services produced in an economy.

Another resource is of the human kind. It the “human resources” that come from people. People who produce with their intelligence , their work ethic and just being a positive force on the globe can make someone a great human resource.

The third resource that is available to us is what I call a “divine resource”.  

You might be asking what does a divine resource look like?

Here is the “readers digest” version of divine resource. It is God helping us accomplish what could not be done with out Him.

Its doing all you can do and letting God do what only He can do.

I love that. It really helps to know that we have multiple resources within reach to help us become all that God intends us to become.

NATURAL, RELATIONAL and SUPERNATURAL RESOURCES make life run so much better.

This week I re-connected with one of the best human resources of my life. I talked with my good friend of 25 years ago.

This is Jim Palmer and his family who came to visit us last summer.

Brenda and Renee at slide rock in Sedona

Our families had a great time at slide rock in Sedona. Our son Caleb is not in this photo because he was in school at the time

Thanks Jim for mentoring me in the “start stages of ministry” you are one of the finest relational resources in my life.


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