Books I'm Reading


My son Caleb handed me this book today and said……”here dad you will like this.”

I looked at the book and the author is one of my favorites….. Dr. Hugh Ross.

The book is Beyond The Cosmos or “The Extra-Dimensionality Of God”.

So this week I dive into learning about astrophysics. Or should I say I’ll give it my best shot.

Dr. Ross’s web site is:

In this scientific and devotional book, Hugh Ross explains how phenomena that seem impossible in the four-dimensional world become comprehensible when examined in the context of extra-dimensional reality. He presents what science has learned about extra dimensions and relates these findings to difficult doctrines—the Incarnation, the Atonement, the Trinity, free will and predestination, the new creation, hell, and other issues—that have perplexed believers and unbelievers for centuries.  (taken from reasons web site)

I think it is a really cool stage in my life when my son is suggesting books for me to read….awesome !


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