Ministry, what I am working on right now


Last weekend we started into our “Let’s Get Legit” questions portion at the church.

It was really great to watch our church get involed in this experiement.

Here are the questios we attempted to tackle last weekend.

1. If a Christian is walking the “straight and narrow” and serving the Lord, yet they have a fight with someone and are angry when Jesus returns, do they go to Heaven?


2. If someone accepts Christ, but continues to live in sin are they truly saved?


3. Why did God/Jesus show himself visibly so readily in the Bible-yet not in our times? He desires to know us, but doesn’t let us see him. It’s like the people in the Bible had an advantage. Why did he leave the scene?

4. If God says do not murder as a commandment, where does war come in? There is war in the bible. Does the bible contradict itself?


5. In Genesis 29 Jacob marries Rachel & Leah. Solomon had 100’s of wives, and in other examples polygamy is a regular practice. So why is it not ok now? Was it ever ok? Why would God condone it by putting it in the Bible?

6. My niece says that when she went to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, she started cursing…why?

7.  If God forgives us, how do we learn to forgive ourselves of all the wrong choices we’ve made in the past, when it hurt family and kids?




The group on the pannel did a great job last week.

Our plan it to take this up to another level this week. The questions that came in are difficult but I know God has an answer for everyone’s honest legitimate questions.
Here is what we are diving into this weekend.
1. Why does God allow children to be abused, raped, beaten, and all else? That child didn’t have a choice.

2. Why are we taught to be selfless but to worship a selfish and jealous God?

3. When it comes to creation, were the 7 days actual 24 hour days?

4. If you committ suicide do you go to heaven or hell?

As you can see, we have our work cut out for us this week. Pray with us that God will no only help people’s faith but do some massive inner healing as well.

Remember, questions are not ment to be brick walls to our faith. Legitimate questions are opportunies to activate our faith.


Let’s get legit.


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