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Now that Mr. cast is off my right leg I can start some bike therapy.

This morning I am really excited because I set up a bike trainer some friends  let me borrow for the next month or so.

Steve and Cindy over at Highgear Bikes have always been willing to do what ever it takes to help people in our community. Yesterday they provided me with one of their personal top of the line indoor bike trainers.

I have know  these awesome people for about five years and about a year ago it was a great joy for me  to perform their marriage ceremony up in Jerome.

As you can see, I have taken off the XTR clips and replaced them with the conventional peddles. I need to go from the clips to the conventional because of the ankle injury….SO going from “THIS TO THAT” is fine as long as it gets me to the place I need to go.

Thanks Steve and Cindy of Highgear Bikes  for the help.

Can’t wait to get back on the bike.


2 thoughts on “FROM THIS TO THAT

  1. I do have two other bikes in the garage.

    I will be trading out the 2.2 Bontagers for some 2.3’s when I am able to get back on the trails.
    The Top Fuel is my (BOC) bike of choice, so I thought I would train on it.
    I have a Trek Remedy full Mtn. bike as well as an old roadie.

    Thanks for the post.

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