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What a great weekend of ministry here in Prescott!

Here it is from Tuesday back to Saturday.

Today we were invited to meet with the leadership at Embry Riddle University to take our Let’s Get Legit series to their campus. What a great opportunity for everyone that will be involved.

Also today I was at another city council meeting to see where the next years Annual mountain bike weekend is headed. I really hope to be able to host a local outreach to Mtn. bikers this coming April.

Monday night was another ministry night with our Marriage ministry called Marriage Matters. The room was full of married couples and excitement just to get together and watch the Packers against the Vikings on DA BIG SCREEN.

Sunday, the services were as good as it gets with a great Sunday night prayer and communion service.

We started our new 20 something ministry Saturday night and will be following a discussion around the book Chasing Daylight by Erwin Mcmanus.

Erwin uses this masterpiece of a book to show us how we should be acting. He claims “If heaven had an advertising section, it would take a full-page ad that read: “Wanted, Risk takers for God.”

What a powerful quote out of the book.

To follow Jesus is to move with God. When you become a part of God’s movement, you are a missionary. Every missionary has a mission. The mission gives him both intentionality and purpose. He has no minutes to waste. He is required to seize every divine moment. Is it possible that God longs for this for all of us?” Chasing Daylight, p.48.

Really looking forward to where this next season of ministry is going to take us.


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