broken ankle, Mountain biking

Recovery update week eleven

Just wanted to give everyone interested a brief ankle update.

11 weeks ago during a fantastic early morning mountain bike ride I bumped the riders wheel in front of me and in a matter of three seconds found myself laying on trail 396 with what doctor Pfluger later told me was a Broken Ankle – Displaced Trimalleolar Fracture.

In everday language, I broke three bones in my right ankle.

What a life experience this has been.

Today (9/11/08) was my second time out on the bike.

The two rides I have been on are very simple with no goofiness because the ankle is still really tender. The first ride into Granite Basin was 9 miles and today I rode about 6 miles through the Prescott National Forest.

I started Physical therapy Tuesday and have 12 sessions with the Sports Medicine guys.


Really great to get back in the woods again.


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