broken ankle, cycling, Mountain biking

52 weekends ago this Saturday.

A year ago this weekend I broke my right ankle on what was a great mountain bike ride.

Today, Robert Middlemore and I decided to ride that same section of trail this morning.


Robert was the hero that day when he drove me out of the woods in the four wheel drive.

ankle break road

This is the spot where I ran into another buddy’s back tire and freakeshly broke the ankle.


spot on jeep

Kind of a personal victory for me to re ride this section one year from the accident.

broken ankle, Mountain biking

Recovery update week eleven

Just wanted to give everyone interested a brief ankle update.

11 weeks ago during a fantastic early morning mountain bike ride I bumped the riders wheel in front of me and in a matter of three seconds found myself laying on trail 396 with what doctor Pfluger later told me was a Broken Ankle – Displaced Trimalleolar Fracture.

In everday language, I broke three bones in my right ankle.

What a life experience this has been.

Today (9/11/08) was my second time out on the bike.

The two rides I have been on are very simple with no goofiness because the ankle is still really tender. The first ride into Granite Basin was 9 miles and today I rode about 6 miles through the Prescott National Forest.

I started Physical therapy Tuesday and have 12 sessions with the Sports Medicine guys.


Really great to get back in the woods again.