Really looking forward to this weekend’s message; “Are You A Basketcase?”


I think many of us in the nation are feeling a bit basketcase prone these days.

In a nutshell, you can tell if you are a basketcase if you are in any situation where you feel pressed down and stressed out; yet deep within you know that God is in control. 

I’m looking at Moses in the Old testament and Paul in the New testament and comparing both basketcases to our lives today.

Can’t wait to develop this message and see what God does with it.


One thought on “ARE YOU A BASKETCASE?

  1. Gary Lummer says:

    Am I a Basket Case….?
    Hmmmm…. I GREW UP WITH YOU DIDN’T I!!!!!
    No… really… I’m …FINE! I’m okay! I’ll be uhhhh AARRRRGH… please LOrd Help MEEEEEE!!!

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