marriage, My daughters wedding


Everything is about ready for my daughter’s wedding day this Saturday.

The tuxes are arriving tonight, the limo is scheduled, the reception hall has been decorated, the honeymoon trip to Hawaii is booked and finalized, Natascha’s youth pastor and his family have arrived from Ohio to help with the ceremony, and many other guest from all over the Nation are here in Prescott Arizona to celebrate with us this marriage, the marriage license sits on the desk in my office for me to sign.

It doesn’t seem possible that this weekend is here, but it is.

I am so honored to have such a great daughter to give away to a great son in law this Saturday.

Wow, how time goes by. by so quickly.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my little girl.

I will try to blog more about the weekend as it comes.

Matthew 24:38


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