Ministry, what I am working on right now


Really looking forward to delivering this message this Sunday to the church on volunteerism.


There is an interesting story about he Six Day War – Syria Occupied the Golan Heights that is situated up on a mountain that looks down over the sea of Galilee and the Syrians could just look down and pick the Israelis off with ease. up until the six day war ….

Israel is a nation of citizen soldiers. Every able-bodied man and woman must complete three years of full-time military service, after which time they become reservists serving one month a year in the military until age 50. In a country of only six million or so, it is an enormous drain on the economy each time a reservist is called up from the private sector to serve in the military. At the beginning of Israel’s military incursion into the West Bank two months ago, 20,000 reservists were called up. In the U.S., that is the equivalent of almost 1,100,000 being called. If a few hundred noncombatant volunteers can do the work of a few hundred reservists, the country has a lot to gain economically.

In the nation of Israel and in its history …they have an amazing track record of winning wars

In the time of war every villager is a volunteer…in a time of war ….every able bodied man up to the age of 55 is inlisted in Israel’s army.

Everyone is inlisted…everyone is involved …..They have a volunteer spirit.

We need to have the same mentality in the church …every member is a minister

Every body fights in the battle….every person is a passionate patriot!

This week we open up our food bank ministry to the community and tonight we introduce to our college group our servant evangelism strategy.

Your people shall be volunteers In the day of Your power; – Psalm 110:3


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