Last night we had our Let’s Get Legit part two session at Embry-Riddle University here in Prescott.

What a great conversation and dialog around questions of divinity and God.

Here is a picture of our panel and below are the questions students submitted for the panel to discuss.



1. Is God the same for every religion? If not, what are some of the differences between the major ones? (Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism..)

2. Is it ok to try out or experiment with different religions?

3. My parents are very religious..I feel like that have taught me to be that way…but I feel like my thoughts and opinions conflict with their beliefs…do I have to go to the same church as them?

4. How do we know that the Bible is real and true?

5. What are the differences between evolutionism and creationism. How do these support the Bible, or do they?

6. Who created God?

7. God created everything. So, if He did, that means that He created all of the religions in the world, right?

I really love being able to be legitimately authentic on the university campus… the interaction with the students is amazing.

Our next session will be in the late winter or early spring.

We will be showing the movie “expelled” at ERAU in the next month.



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