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OUR 21 DAY FAST – part 1


I love this time of the year because its fresh and our church family joins together for a collective 21 day fast.

Sunday at mid-night our church family will begin our annual 21 day fast that will end on Sunday January 25th.

We will be following again this year the Daniel fast found in the Old Testament book of Daniel.

Here are just a few suggestions if you are interested in joining us on the adventure.

Our body is designed to heal itself. When a disease enters our body from bad dietary habits or from the outside, our bodies begin to fight it. Doctors, surgery, or medicines are most often designed to remove the source of the problem, but the healing is done by the body itself. Many common diseases are easily prevented with basic good nutrition and exercise habits.


Daniel was not vague in his objection to the Babylonian diet. He defined the problem immediately.
1. The king’s food was against dietary laws.
2. Daniel and his friends had vowed against wine.
3. The king’s food had been offered up to idols/demons.


The Daniel Fast involves a spiritual commitment to God. “Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself” (Dan. 1:8).

Many people have an inner desire for better health, but they can’t discipline themselves to avoid junk food, and other foods that were not good for health. The physical health you seek from God may be more than an answer to prayer. Your physical health may be linked to any of the following factors:
a. Your food choices.
b. The level of your spiritual commitment as reflected in constant prayer during the fast.
c. Your time commitment. If you determine to fast for a certain time, keep it. For example, if you determine to fast 10 days, don’t stop on Day 9.
d. Your testimony commitment. Your fast is a statement of faith to God that you want Him to heal your body.


This is a three part blog. I will post the next four steps and a menu for the Daniel fast in upcoming blogs.

Join us for your own spiritual breakthrough.


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