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Phil Cooke was one of the presenters at the AWAKEN 08 conference in Pasedena California.

I’m reading his book that basically speaks to today’s way of communicating you message in the best possible way.

Today, faith-based organizations and non-profits struggle under our present cultural framework – the power of global media. The media’s influence in our lives is pervasive, and today, education, business, religion, leisure, science, even family life, are all measured against that influence. The answer to who’s influencing you, is the same as who’s influencing the culture.

It’s the media.

That’s why our challenge today is how to express our faith in a media-dominated culture. How to tell our story alongside the maddening swirl of media “clutter” – TV, radio, computer, digital music player, Internet, mobile phone, and other technologies competing for our attention. How do we get our message heard through the massive and growing wave of media static out there?

This book is about getting your message heard. It’s about telling your story, and making that story connect with your audience.

I’m sure by the time I read Phil’s book and put it into practice, the rules to the game will change and I will have to buy, read and digest his next book.



2 thoughts on “BRANDING FAITH

  1. Steve – thanks for the plug! And you’re right – my next book will be available in February 2009 and it’s called: “The Last TV Evangelist: Why The Next Generation Couldn’t Care Less About Religious Media.”
    You’ll love this one… 🙂

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