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Just about 30 minutes from the house I came across these petroglyphs in a canyon from the
Sinagua tribes that used to live in this area approximately 1000 years ago.


A petroglyph is a rock engraving made by pecking the surface with a harder stone. Some
are abraded or rubbed, some are scratched or incised into the rock and some have
cross hatched textures that are chiseled across the surface.

The Sinagua were a pre-Columbian cultural group occupying an area in central Arizona between the Little Colorado River and the Salt River (between Flagstaff and Phoenix) including the Verde Valley and significant portions of the Mogollon Rim country between approximately 500 AD and 1425 AD. Some archaeologists have referred to the Sinagua as the Western Anasazi.












If you have the interpretation please give me a call.


2 thoughts on “ROCKS THAT TALK

  1. From the looks of your archives…it looks like this makes it nearly a full year of Steve Lummer ‘The Blog’…just want to say that I for one have been enjoying them alot.

  2. Very cool post. As best my LH and I were able to determine, even the anthropologists have a problem figuring out just what the message might be at a petroglyph site.

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