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I just received an  invitation last night to officiate the wedding of two very amazing young people.

Kyle and Kristin will start the journey together this September when they covenant together in marriage.

kyle n kristin

I have performed many weddings in the past 30 years but this wedding is going to be a amazing!

Kyle’s father is a river guide on the Colorado River and we will have the wedding in the Colorado river Cathedral. Wow, can’t wait for this ceremony.

Kyle just completed his Wild Land Certification test as a EMT this week.

I love being a pastor. I get to see so many people suceed in their life mission.

kyle and pastor

glen canyon map

I have done the lower section of the Colorado in 08′ and 09′ so this upper trip is goin to be be a real nice gift.


This is one of the most amazing places on the planet. – Why not get married there.

Good choice Kyle and Kristin!


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