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The Irish Wilderness Expedition 2013

I just wanted to post up this short video of our Irish Wilderness Expedition.

Canoe trip on the eleven point river day by Strava.

What an amaZING experience with some awesome guys.

A great Man – Cation was had by all.



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I just wanted to post a few pics of our 2011 family vacation in Telluride Colorado.

Special thanks to an amazing friend who offered our family his amazing cabin for the week.

What Makes Telluride Unique? Telluride is a small ski resort in the southwest corner of Colorado. Tucked away in a box canyon, surrounded by the mighty peaks of the San Juans, Telluride started off as a mining town in the 1800’s and later on, in 1973, became a ski resort and in the warmer months an epic mountain bike destination.

This year was special because we were able to take my daughter and her husband Adam with us for some much needed R & R.

Our bunch hiked, biked, rafted, canoed, fished, shopped, reflected, and rested.

This is a pic of us after we put our bikes on the gondola and made it up to the ski area that is converted into a mtn bike mecca during the summer months.

The Riverside trail is an amazing addition to the Telluride trail system.

These two pics pretty much sums up why I enjoyed this years vacation. 🙂

We ventured out on Trout Lake for some fishing/exploring….Adam and Tash pretty much wished they would have had a canoe instead of a ducky to float in.

Brenda my life long floating/fishing partner.

The San Miguel River rafting.

Just some views from around the area.

A couple of pics of the meadow below the cabin were we stayed.

Bridal Vail Falls – the tallest waterfall in Colorado.

The grass is greener in Telluride.

What an amazing place – what an amazing week.

I am rested and grateful.


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The Little Truckee River

I just wanted to post a few pics of a early morning on the Little Truckee River.

There is so much to do in the Truckee/Tahoe region. It would take a lifetime to take it all in…so, in my typical style I tried to fit it all in in three days.

One of the best spots on a river is where the stream meets the lake. Boca lake’s warm water meets the cool trout waters of the Little Truckee. Every morning the fog from this effect reflects a beauty that cannot be captured with a camera but we attempt  it anyway.

A look upstream from Boca Lake.

Looking down off one of the bluffs that give you an awesome view of the liquid ribbon that flows through a riot of color and nature.

I know there is a fish with my name on it here. Next year I will introduce myself to him and then release him back to his fresh water home.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.

There is nothing quit like watching wild life in the wild.

The Redhead waders from Bass Pro were a gift from Bren. They really come in handy when crossing a stream.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

And remember when you go visit the Little Truckee River in northern California, “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but tracks. “


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I wanted to post a few pics of an amazing four days we had on one of America’s best canoeing streams.

The Eleven Point River is Missouri’s longest cold-water river and is home to both hatchery raised and stocked trout as well as a self-sustaining population of stream-bred trout and includes over 22 miles of trout habitat. This river is often overlooked as a trout fishing destination, but offers some of the most remote trout fishing in the state without the signs of civilization. The scenery on this river alone is worth the drive, the fact that there is a healthy population of trout is an added bonus.

The River crew.

First camp above Greer.

The amazing Greer Spring.

My good friend Eric in the “MANGO TANGO”.

You just gotta get a Camping Espresso machine from REI.

The fog is rollin in.

No words can describe it…no picture can capture it.

Miko is the trout master.

Poison Ivie is the only negative here.

Boze Mill Spring. The Boze family still live in the area and make a mean beef jerky.

Three long time friends. Mikeo,  Steveo and the EMAN.

I crave this stuff.

Morning prayer and devotions just seem more alive from this proximity.

Two tripper canoes purchased from Prescott College have now helped us float both the Colorado and Elevepoint Rivers.

These boats are perfect for extended stays on a stream.

The key is to become a minimalist.

What an an other amazing trip on an amazing river.

Thanks go to everyone who made this experience happen.


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“MISSOURI” means “Big Canoe”

Missouri gets its name from a tribe of Sioux Indians of the state called the Missouris. The word “Missouri” often has been construed to mean “muddy water” but the Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology has stated it means “town of the large canoes,” and authorities have said the Indian syllables from which the word comes mean “wooden canoe people” or “he of the big canoe.”

A few friends are gathering this next week  for an an adventure trip in Missouri on one of the best rivers in the Ozarks.

Here is the mile marker map for one amazing sceinic river trip.

Eleven Point River – Mile-By-Mile Description

9.3 Cane Bluff. Access and picnic area.
12.3 Spring Creek enters on left.
14.8 McCormack Hollow on left. Lake, fishing, spring and picnic area about one mile up Hollow, administrated by U.S. Forest Service.

16.0 Greer Spring Branch.
16.6 State Hwy. 19 Bridge. Campsites and put-in. Trail to Greer Spring 0.75 mile up hill.
19.5 Little Hurricane Creek on right. 20.0 Mary Decker Shoals. Rapids. 20.5 Hurricane Creek enters on left.

21.5 Turner’s Mill and spring. Location is also known as Surprise. Access on both sides of river. Camping on south side only.

22.0 Stinking Pond float camp on left.

26.5 Horseshoe Bend

27.0 Barn Hollow float camp on left. Bliss Spring just downstream.
28.5 White Creek float camp on left.
31.0 Greenbriar float camp on left.
33.4 Boze Mill Spring on left. River valley begins to widen here. Camping. No access. 33.7 River divides. Right channel usually best and provides a fast run over a ledge.

35.7 Riverton and Hwy. 160 Bridge. Access east side, picnic on west side beneath bridge only. No camping either side.

Pics to follow next week.


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We named him after a favorite fishing river deep in the Missouri Ozarks. The Courtois (Coda-way) River .

Real name: “Courtois” (pronounced “coda way”) a stream in Southern Missouri ( named after the Coutois Indians) This was the first river Cody floated with us when he was a pup 14 plus years ago in my old town canoe.

Nick names: “Chinka boy “, “Curley Bill”, “Esau”, “Moosehead” , or more simply we called him “Codes”. He was a real retriever and the  greatest of friends.

He went with us everywhere over the past 14 plus years. Walks, rides, canoe trips even door to door at Halloween.

His biggest desire was to just be with us all the time anytime even when we went to the church.

He loved going on walks with us especially when he was younger and had the ability to run and keep up with the younger dogs.

This pic is Bren and Cody at the top of Granite mountain and I could begin to tell he was wearing down with age.

From a pup he loved the water and would be the first to dive in and get the party started.

His last moments with us were at Prescott Animal Hospital  here in Prescott Arizona under the care and compassion of Dr. Cameron Dow.

Dr. Dow and his amazing staff are professional and as compassionate as you can get.

Cody left us Saturday morning April 16th with such dignity and grace that I cannot describe in words.

I love and miss you buddy. You are in our hearts everyday.

Thank you for your unconditional love and amazing companionship Codes.

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Have you ever had a prayer vacation? That’s right, “A Prayer Vacation.” It is really a personal prayer retreat. Several years ago I began the discipline of scheduling regular (and irregular) times of refreshing and prayer.

I love the Southwest Airlines media campaign that ask the question; “wanna getta away?”

This past weekend I had the opportunity to get away for a minnie prayer vacation.

I packed everything I needed to get to a river for three days of camping, hiking and biking and headed 7 hours north into Utah’s Zion National Park.

Just wanted to post a few pics of the amazing enlightening adventure on my blog.

Springdale is a small village that sits on the Virgin river just outside the park.

No photo can begin to capture the beauty…but at least we try.

The Virgin river is an amazing water way that cuts through the red rock canyon for miles.

To me Zion National Park would be compared to Sedona on Steroids with no housing developments along the creek

water falls part 1

Water falls part 2

water falls part 3

It was really great to be able to get away for the weekend and reflect, restore and pray.

I encourage you to do a prayer vacation if at all possible.

“Come apart by yourselves into a desert place, and rest a while:” – Mark 6:31

Steve Lummer

Lead pastor Prescott First Assembly