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I wanted to post a few pics of an amazing four days we had on one of America’s best canoeing streams.

The Eleven Point River is Missouri’s longest cold-water river and is home to both hatchery raised and stocked trout as well as a self-sustaining population of stream-bred trout and includes over 22 miles of trout habitat. This river is often overlooked as a trout fishing destination, but offers some of the most remote trout fishing in the state without the signs of civilization. The scenery on this river alone is worth the drive, the fact that there is a healthy population of trout is an added bonus.

The River crew.

First camp above Greer.

The amazing Greer Spring.

My good friend Eric in the “MANGO TANGO”.

You just gotta get a Camping Espresso machine from REI.

The fog is rollin in.

No words can describe it…no picture can capture it.

Miko is the trout master.

Poison Ivie is the only negative here.

Boze Mill Spring. The Boze family still live in the area and make a mean beef jerky.

Three long time friends. Mikeo,  Steveo and the EMAN.

I crave this stuff.

Morning prayer and devotions just seem more alive from this proximity.

Two tripper canoes purchased from Prescott College have now helped us float both the Colorado and Elevepoint Rivers.

These boats are perfect for extended stays on a stream.

The key is to become a minimalist.

What an an other amazing trip on an amazing river.

Thanks go to everyone who made this experience happen.




  1. Michael says:

    Hi there, beautiful pics. A friend and I are looking to take a day trip to the eleven points in a few days. As you have been, do you have any recommendations on the best section of the river for a single day only?

    • Greer to turners mills if you would like to fish – Cain bluff to turners mill is my favorite section for all the river has to offer.
      Have a great adventure.

      Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but tracks

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