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We named him after a favorite fishing river deep in the Missouri Ozarks. The Courtois (Coda-way) River .

Real name: “Courtois” (pronounced “coda way”) a stream in Southern Missouri ( named after the Coutois Indians) This was the first river Cody floated with us when he was a pup 14 plus years ago in my old town canoe.

Nick names: “Chinka boy “, “Curley Bill”, “Esau”, “Moosehead” , or more simply we called him “Codes”. He was a real retriever and the  greatest of friends.

He went with us everywhere over the past 14 plus years. Walks, rides, canoe trips even door to door at Halloween.

His biggest desire was to just be with us all the time anytime even when we went to the church.

He loved going on walks with us especially when he was younger and had the ability to run and keep up with the younger dogs.

This pic is Bren and Cody at the top of Granite mountain and I could begin to tell he was wearing down with age.

From a pup he loved the water and would be the first to dive in and get the party started.

His last moments with us were at Prescott Animal Hospital  here in Prescott Arizona under the care and compassion of Dr. Cameron Dow.

Dr. Dow and his amazing staff are professional and as compassionate as you can get.

Cody left us Saturday morning April 16th with such dignity and grace that I cannot describe in words.

I love and miss you buddy. You are in our hearts everyday.

Thank you for your unconditional love and amazing companionship Codes.


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