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Do You Know Your CFS ?

CFS – Cubic Feet Per Second.

Here are a couple of photos of the Verde River about a mile up from Beezly Flats flowing at approximately 160 CFS.



Here is a pic of the remnants a an earlier CFS of around 900 to a 1000.


I actually floated the upper section where Oak Creek drops into the Verde @ 1100 CFS. What a ride that was.

Any way back to the CFS discussion. Here is a a chart provided by the usgs.

Current Verde River flow information:
Almost every water shed in the USA as well as Canada has these stations to give hourly reports of water flow. Very Cool.

Here is the actual chart flow when the top three photos were taken.

cfs chart 2

Notice the dates at the bottom of the chart.

If you want a perfect float down the Verde River, float it a between 25- and 450 CFS and you wont be disappointed for sure.

Before you float any river make sure you know what the CFS is for the day you float. It will help make the difference between a great time on the river and a not so good time on and possibly IN the river.

Just one more point in this blog.

Here is another link for the Verde River Canoe Challenge sponsored by NAU every year.

Chuck Hammersly does a fanastic  job of putting this event together and all for just 10 bucks (includes t-shirt)

Go for it – you will love it and fall in love with the Verde as well.


Brenda and I – Verde is running @ 450 CFS

verde brenda


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