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Getting to meet Hans ‘No Way’ Rey

Tonight Robert Middlemore and I did a real nice loop up through the pines/Tatonka and over Iron Springs to the 332 into Granite Basin.
After climbing up to the cattle guard I noticed the Brian Lopes Bike Van at the parking area.
We road on down toward some Granite Basin single track when we notice about eight mountain bikers and I knew it was “No Way Rey’s crew.
We followed them up the hill and got to talk with the for a while.

Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is a biking phenomenon. He’s been doing amazing stunts on bikes for the best part of 30 years and is a multiple national and UCI world champion in the trials category.

He’s also the main man behind the wheels4life charity, which provides bikes for people in need of transportation in third world countries. For more about Hans and wheels4life, check out and

If you get time, here is a link to some of “No Way Reys” bike stunts – pretty cool stuff.

Also in the crew was Brian Lopes one on the world best downhill racers

Hans was looking over my Spot 29er single speed and ask to take it for a ride. So when No Way Rey wants to ride your bike you say absolutely .

Wish I had my camera tonight but you will have to take my word for it.


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