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Minister To The Ministers

What a great weekend as we get ready to turn the corner toward Thanksgiving. I just felt like we were to minister to a Pastor and his family this Thanksgiving.
Saturday we were able to take a suv full of food as well as a spirit of joy to invade Brian and Debbie’s home in the village of the Grand Canyon.
We took long time friends from our college days Kent and Judy Anderson who work with Rural Compassion.
Brian and Debbie pastor a small congregation in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
Over 5 million visitors visit the South Rim of the canyon which is literally 5 minutes away from were Brian and Debbie live.
It was great to minister to the ministers yesterday.
Here are some pics of our trip to the Brian’s and ’Debbie’s

@ The Grand Canyon with Kent and Judy Anderson.

Kent and Pastor Brian.

Little Samuel, Debbie Mercy and Brian Fulthrop pastor the village of Grand Canyon

Also here is the link for Rural Compassion

About Rural Compassion
The Mission

To help break and prevent cycles of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual poverty.

Benefits of Rural Compassion

* Strengthen small communities by utilizing and building on indigenous resources and maximizing those resources through the church.
* Build the capacity of the church to respond to the systemic needs in the community through sustainable solutions.
* Assist the church to become the center of the community and a spiritually-based service provider.
* Accomplish together what no individual or group can accomplish alone.

Really great services at Prescott First Assembly with the Rural Compassion team.

Speacial thanks to all who gave to help this ministry to the ministers take place. Here is an email note from Debbie.

We were extremely blessed with enough food to feed our family for over a week!! Thanks Pastor Lummer & Brenda; Prescott First Assembly & Rural Compassion. The Lord knows exactly what we need at just the right time! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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