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At Christmas time we hear all kinds of sounds you don’t normally hear during the rest of the year.
The other day I was at a gas station in PV when they guy who had just finished filling up his tank with gasoline waved and said “Merry Christmas” … I waved and said “Merry Christmas” back to him….The SOUND of “Merry Christmas” these days has a different sound than it used to 20 years ago….Now the words “Merry Christmas are said with a more preserving  cautious protective tone – Those two words are handled with care and caution almost like an archeologist handles the secrets in the sands so he won’t break something that is very rare….Today the Sound of the WORDS “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. Are sound waves that sound good to me.

On every corner of our community you will hear the bells rings from the Salvation army volunteers  and those bells will help raise Millions of dollars for the cause of helping folks.

Walk the Malls and you hear the songs that you don’t hear all year – Country artist, Christian artist, rock, rap, and reggae, write songs just for this season ….Sounds you don’t hear all year except this one.

One sound that I heard this past Wednesday night just before men’s bible study was the sound of someone knocking at my church office door. At first when I opened the door I saw no one …but then I looked down at a child by the name of RJ…. I  asked how I could help him? He immediately held out an envelop to give to me,  then he announce to me that the envelop was 100 dollars for PEOPLE IN NEED.
He went on to say that the envelop held  20 one dollar bills and four twenties that he had saved to give to someone in need this Christmas.

The back story is even more interesting And I would like to invite you to hear it right know.
You see RJ’s mother is from Australia and because of visa complications she was detained in the country of Mexico.
For ten days she was held by the authorities and not able to get back here to her home in the US. It was during that ten days that RJ prayed that his mother would be able to come home.  He prayed that  if God would help her get out of Mexico and be all owed to come home  would give his 100.00 dollars to someone in need..
Long story short, his mother was in Brenda’s bible study last Wednesday night.
RG is a part of out Royal Ranger program and just before Rangers, he knocked on my office door to complete  his promise to God.
So this week it will be our privilege to give away RJ’s gift to SOMEONE IN NEED. It is the little sounds that make such a great difference in our lives and the lives of others around us. That sounds good to me.

I loved the sound of that knock on my office door….A sound of not just a little boy, but the sound of someone who had been given hope and now is repeating it to someone else.  What  great sound.

“The Lord’s message rang out from you …..your faith in God has become known everywhere.” 1 Thessalonians 1:8 (niv)


One thought on “SOUNDS GOOD TO ME

  1. Jo says:

    One of the precious treasured moments that makes you realize why you are a pastor ~
    I want to meet RJ when we come up to church…ok?

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