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Pastor Bill Wilson – The “Clint Eastwood” of Christianity

It was great to see my youth pastor/mentor of 35 years ago on a news program early this morning and I just had to post a blog about him.

In the summer of 1975 in a mid western church a hand touched my soldier and a guy by the name of Pastor Bill knelt down to pray with me. He knew I needed a lot of change in my life a long with my praying parents and family.

1975 inner city outreach. (Anita Norman, Lisa Letterman, myself and Yogi)

For a few years, I was able to hang with Bill and a few others at all hours of the night and travel on a couple of west cost adventure ministry trips with Bill that opened up my mind to another world that I never knew existed.
Anyway the 30 years have come and gone and this morning as I was getting ready for another normal day, I looked up at the screen for the morning news and there he was being interviewed by a news anchor.

Yep, 30 years and he still is going at it.  Sure not as quick but just as edgy as I knew him by in the mid 70’s .

God bless you Bill as you continue to educate, motivate and sometimes irritate all of us. You do exactly what God purposed you to do.

Here are a couple of links Bills web site.

That same hand now has become a far reaching compassionate hand that touches  who knows how many.

Thanks always Bill for not quitting,  always fighting, and speaking through the distance.



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