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Just finished watching Rob Bell’s DVD called Rain. – awesome right now for me.

Things don’t always work out the way we want them to, or the way we think they will. Sometimes we don’t even see it coming. We get hit with some form of pain out of nowhere leaving us feeling desperate and helpless. That’s the way life is. Still, it makes us wonder how God can just stand by and watch us suffer. Where is God when it really hurts? Maybe God is actually closer to us than we think. Maybe it’s when we’re in these situations, where everything seems to be falling apart, that God gets an opportunity to remind us of how much he really loves us.

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Pastor Bill Wilson – The “Clint Eastwood” of Christianity

It was great to see my youth pastor/mentor of 35 years ago on a news program early this morning and I just had to post a blog about him.

In the summer of 1975 in a mid western church a hand touched my soldier and a guy by the name of Pastor Bill knelt down to pray with me. He knew I needed a lot of change in my life a long with my praying parents and family.

1975 inner city outreach. (Anita Norman, Lisa Letterman, myself and Yogi)

For a few years, I was able to hang with Bill and a few others at all hours of the night and travel on a couple of west cost adventure ministry trips with Bill that opened up my mind to another world that I never knew existed.
Anyway the 30 years have come and gone and this morning as I was getting ready for another normal day, I looked up at the screen for the morning news and there he was being interviewed by a news anchor.

Yep, 30 years and he still is going at it.  Sure not as quick but just as edgy as I knew him by in the mid 70’s .

God bless you Bill as you continue to educate, motivate and sometimes irritate all of us. You do exactly what God purposed you to do.

Here are a couple of links Bills web site.

That same hand now has become a far reaching compassionate hand that touches  who knows how many.

Thanks always Bill for not quitting,  always fighting, and speaking through the distance.


Media, Right vs Left


I just am amused at the gap in political poll results between the right wing media and the left wing media.

The CBS poll compared to the FOX news polls can really show you who they are talking to.

Looks like each one is polling people in their own office buildings.

No matter what the talking heads say, I find wisdom and truth where it has always been.

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
       but the heart of the fool to the left.” –  Ecc. 10:2 (niv)

Couldn’t resist blogging it.