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This after noon just before dark I did what I will call a “thorn in the flesh” ride .
I call it that for two reasons. First, When ever you ride with Steve Becker and Robert Middlemore,  you will suffer in your flesh. ( at least I know I do).  These guys are great mountain bikers that have  an amazing cadence through the woods.
We started at our my house and climbed over the new 317 into Thumb Butte and climbed up then down the 392 over into the pines and tapped out about 10 miles before arriving home.

Here are a few post ride pics.

Left to right – Steve Lummer, Steve Becker, Robert MIddlemore.

The second reason I call it the “thorn in the flesh” ride is because of the thorn I found in my right  arm after the ride.
Interesting what you pick up on a mountain bike ride.

Great times were had by all.


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