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I remember the first time my dad took the training wheels off my bike. Man that first moment was scary.

But a few weeks later I was riding around the streets of our neighborhood like a pro.

Isn’t it amazing how life doesn’t come with training wheels?

Are you facing a situation that feels overwhelming and you’re afraid to make a wrong move? Or maybe you’re saying no to something in your life that you’d really like to say yes to. A well-known counselor says, “For years I heard about hiking. It sounded elusive, difficult…and mysterious. When a friend asked me to go hiking…I began thinking…what if I couldn’t do it well enough? Or I didn’t know how to do it at all? ‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ I scolded myself. ‘You’re making this more complicated than it is…it’s just walking, and you’ve been doing that since you were a baby!’ We left…and I followed…as he started up a steep incline. ‘Just walk,’ I told myself…’Put one foot in front of another…like you’ve done all your life.’ I didn’t make it to the top of the mountain that day, but I made it halfway…Start where you are. Start poorly. Just start…if you already knew how to do it well, it wouldn’t be a lesson…and you’d never have the thrill of victory, years from now looking back.”

God has promised to “take the hand of those who don’t know the way…to show them what roads to take.” You say, “But what if I get into difficulty?” You probably will! But God says: “When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you” (Is 43:2 TM). But you’ve got to be willing to ‘go’ in order for God to bring you ‘through!’ In other words – you have to be willing to get your feet wet. Time to take off the training wheels and learn to ride on the wheels of life with God’s strength. The thing to keep in mind is: “God…goes ahead of you” (Dt 1:30 TM).

Here is a great scripture to let you know that when things get a bit shaky and you feel like you are going to fall.

“I’ll take the hand of those who don’t know the way…to show them what roads to take.” Isaiah 42:16 TM

I just rode my bike yesterday and  am really glad I decided to take off the training wheels years ago.


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