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In Memory of 6 Year Old Jacob Baudek

This blog post is in memory of Jacob Baudek.

Pastor Adam my son in law was able to go down to Mayer to visit and pray with
the family who lost their little 6 year old in the Agua Fria River Friday night.
Hikers found Jacob Baudek’s body yesterday.  Jacob’s father manages the YMCA Hunt club in Mayer.
This is a very sad situation as told by to me by Adam.  Dave, Jacob’s father was on top of his truck fighting to save his family for two hours.

When the storm hit, Jacob wasn’t feeling well because of a 103 fever with seizures and his family decided to take him to a doctor. As they were driving along Hwy. 69 near I-17, their truck was suddenly surrounded by surging floodwater.
If you have been to the YMCA hunt club you will recognize this section of road. You drive through the Agua Fria wash to get to the hunt club.
The boy’s mother and sister were also swept by the current, but managed to get to safety.

Today, our church family lifted the hurting and grieving  family in prayer and will continue to minister in whatever ways  we can.

If you would like to help, feel free to contact us through this blog.


10 thoughts on “In Memory of 6 Year Old Jacob Baudek

  1. Kathleen Boyer says:

    To help with funeral arrangements you may make a donation to Wells Fargo Bank account number
    #5944475937 attn: David and Katrina Baudek.
    You may also find this information on channel 10’s website on the morning show area.

  2. Michal & Keith Joyner says:

    WE are so very sorry about the loss. We didn’t at first put the Hunt Club together with this tragic accident as my husband belongs to the hunt club. Our belated thoughts and prayers to out to the family. Michal & Keith Joyner

  3. Tone says:

    Meni sicer ne gre dobro anglescina, zato pa bom napisal kar v slovenskem jeziku. Skoda je tako prijaznega majhnega fanticka,ki se niti ni zacel dobro ziveti, pa mora ze umreti. Preprican sem, da je tam kamor mu je bilo namenjeno priti v dobrih rokah. Bog ga je hotel imeti pri sebi, zato ga je poklical v trnutku, ko je bil se popolnoma nedolzen otrok,da dela druzbo njemu in ostalim angelom. God be with you Jake.

  4. katlyn says:

    This has happened a while ago but it still feels like yesterday. I’m close with the daughter and used to walk the kids home after school and I just hope their lives can make it through this.

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