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Red: Living a Faith That Bleeds


It is said that the color red evokes passion and intensity, and is often associated with strong feelings such as love and desire. The words of Christ, the RED words of the Bible, are full of passion, intensity, and love. In this series, we will explore some of the RED words of the Bible, and study some of the fundamental life changing truths Jesus taught about.


When we start living in the RED we will start asking; “Why aren’t we doing more to be Christ hands and feet? ”

Our newest series @ PFA Prescott

Over the next month we are going to look at the RED words of Jesus in the Gospels and start living a faith that bleeds.

Luke 10 – Walking The Talk

Matthew 9 – Inviting Outsiders not Coddling Insiders.

Matthew 11 – Living Free and Light.

Matthew 16 – How To Live A Faith that Bleeds.

Can’t wait to watch this series not only begin but watch it change us into a greater compassionate church family.

Steve (lead pastor of PFA Prescott)


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