Someone posted this on Facebook and I just had to post it if for no one else but me.

The Road To Success Is Not Straight. There Is A Curve Called Failure A Loop Called Confusion, Speed Bumps Called Friends, Red Lights Called Enemies, Caution Lights Called Family. You Will Have Flats Called Jobs.

But, If You Have A Spare Called Determination, An Engine Called Perseverance, Insurance Called Faith, A Driver Called Jesus, You Will Make It To A Place Called Success!!

Good stuff it you ask me.


4 thoughts on “ROAD TO SUCCESS

  1. Hello Steve,

    I’m 100% agree with your message, because my road of success is absolutely not straight. I have all you’ve mentioned in my road, specially Perseverance.
    I have two others: Saint Richard and Saint Esprit.

    Just a note for you that I’m using this image in my technical report. it’s just for my study.

    Have a Good day.

  2. I agree with your message.
    I would also like to share the picture with some young engineers in an open speech. Do you agree with that? Is that a copy reight issue?

  3. miina says:

    How are you Steve? I agree success does not come from a silver plate it wil ask somes determination to get that gold medal of success. Your message give me high strength and moved my heart to fight for success knowing that is not easy to attain but it requires lots of factors to be successful. I thank you.

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