FASTING, God and your bod


21 days of Fasting for a change
Starting Sunday mid-night March 14th I would like to invite you join Brenda and I for our 21 day fast.
We are fasting for a change until Easter Sunday.

21 days dedicated to turn way and turn aside to give some intentional attention to God .

I love this time of the year because its fresh and our church family joins together for a collective 21 day fast.

We will be following again this year the Daniel fast found in the Old Testament book of Daniel.
We as a church collectively will be fasting and praying for a specific direction this year.
Our prayer is that God will lead us and help us navigate the coming changes ahead of us as a congregation.

I will be posting a menu in the next couple of days for your shopping plans and meals.

Steve Lummer

Lead Pastor Prescott First Assembly


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