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My friend Dave Sewell sent me this profile pic of  the elevation we climbed yesterday.

The 3300 feet of climbing and the 25 plus miles took us to just over 9000 feet in elevation at Mt. Humphrey’s  in Flagstaff for an amazing ride through the aspens and ferns yesterday.

I wanted to just post a few pics of the amazing place we mountain biked on the Arizona trail yesterday.

NOTE: click on the pic to enlarge it.

The Arizona trail travels all the way from Mexico to the Utah boarder.

This section of trail is beautiful and scenic to say the least.

With its Aspen groves and lush ferns you never stop looking at the landscape.

The literally 18 inches of singletrack is like following a ribbon through the forest.

I will be headed back to this hikers/bikers/nature lovers/photographers paradise in mid September to catch a glimpse of the aspen’s turning yellow.

Gotta love the riots of color that surrounds the Flagstaff/Mt Humphrey’s area.

This is one of the funnest rides I have do all year.

These two guys made the ride fun for all of us. Dave Sewel is a local moutain bike guide and David Mangan is a very healthy 62 year old mtn bike dude.

This pic gives you a view of the side of Mt. Humphreys you don’t normally get to see.

If you go on this trail make sure you get a good map of the area.

Or contact Dave Sewell for an amazing guided tour

A good day on a single speed through the apsens….and yes the climb was well worth the payoff.

I have always wanted to ride this section of trail and now I want to go back with others who have never traveled this way before so they can enjoy it as well.



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