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New York City 1978

In 1978 I was part of an ministry team to New York City and New Jersey.

The ministry experience was awesome and as I remember the entire trip was a memory maker for me and my friends.

I remember standing between the Twin Towers on our day off and thinking to myself how great it was to be standing in such a fantastic place.

Then 23 years later on September 11th things drastically changed for all of us. I remember like every other American how evil has such a devastating effect on the planet.

Today September 11th, 2010 I am still reminded that evil does exist and it is very powerful.

I am also reminded that there always has been evil but “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

Saturday morning there will be memorials that take place all over the country.  As we as a nation remember and pray, I will  pray for not criticize the leadership of this nation.

My prayers are also with one of the spiritual sons of our church. .. Bobby Snyder is serving in in the middle east and needs our prayers. Yes both Bobby and the middle east need our prayers.

Today I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem.


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