Ragbrai 2011

As a Ragbrai newbee I will do my best to describe the event that I have wanted to do since I was a teenager growing up in Iowa.

The event is very well organized and every is working well for our team of 20 plus people.
One of our team members was taken to the Des Moines hospital this morning because of a crash.
We are riding across Iowa and the humidity is exstream.

RAGBRAI means (Register Annual Great Ride Across Iowa).

Sunday night I arrived in Omaha Nebraska and caught a bus to Glenwood Iowa and found the church we were staying in.

Arriving at the church I began to prepare for the next days ride and notice my derailer would not tighten into the hanger. THAT IS A MAJOR PROBLEM.

I took the bike to a bike repair tent and they were able to fix it by re tapping the threads in the hanger.

Forest from http://www.bikeworld.com out of DesMoines was my new best friend.

Here are some of the pics of an amazing week in my home state of Iowa.

Here is the milage and climb chart – I actually did over 500 miles due to a little site seeing.


Sunday – Day 1 — 64.2 miles    4,946 climb
Monday – Day 2 — 65.4 miles   4,798 climb
Tuesday – Day 3 — 70.9 miles  1,784 climb
Wednesday – Day 4 — 56.1 miles    1,246 climb
Thursday – Day 5 — 57.5 miles   3,294 climb
Friday – Day 6 — 75.3 miles    2,800 climb
Saturday – Day 7 — 64.8 miles    2,338 climb
Total — 454.2 miles   21,206 climb

It was cool to have Lance Armstrong fly in from Paris today (Tuesday July 25th) to meet with riders and ride the route from Carroll to Boone. He game to promote LIVESTRONG and to meet with riders along the way.

The Iowa restroom.

6:15 am start.

Maid rite was one of the goals.

Des Moines River.

One day old piggys along the route.

The hill and road were the  movie Twister was made.

Arriving in Davenport Saturday.


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