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Seven Good Cows

I am really looking forward to this Sunday morning @ Prescott First Assembly.

Tomorrow is all about forecasting the seasons you are in.

There are reasons for seasons –  We need to be in tune with what season we are coming out of and what season we are going into.

It’s not enough to know what to do; you also need to know “when to do a thing” and “how to get it done.” If you get any one of these three steps wrong (the what, the when, and the how) you stand the risk of interfering with God’s perfect plan for your life and living out of balance with the timings and the seasons of the Spirit.

A wise man will not move with undue haste to complete a matter. First, he will seek to understand the right season and the proper timing that ensures the most favorable results.

This message “Seven Good Cows” is all about discerning the season that you are about to go into.

See you Sunday @ 10:00 am.


We are still meeting at the old location @ 1455 Willow Creek Road on Sunday mornings until we find our new temporary location.

In the meantime, Mountain Oak Charter School is still renovating the campus for their school year that starts up in a few days.

Pastor Steve


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