Mountain biking, Prescott

Nocturnal Mountain Bike Ride

[nok-tur-nl] – of or pertaining to the night.

While Brenda was watching the first pre-season Arizona Cardninals NFL game, I was clipping in for a two hour Night ride through the Prescott National Forest with friends .

We kicked off the ride out of Granite Basin/Ironsprings parking lot around 7:00ish.

Looks like a new Yeti is born .

“Lovin the new 29er.” –  Micheal Taylor

“I love riding at night. It is a blast, especially when those sharp turns sneak up on you.” Jeff Combs

Rick Brazil  on his 29er singlespeed

“Was a lot of fun with a group that big. Looking forward to the next!” – Steve Renolds

Just a great night with good friends and good trails.


Prescott, Az.


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