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Artistically minded?

Just picked up Bob and Joel Kilpatrick’s newest book The Art Of Being You.

The Art of Being You, it’s the author’s thesis that most Christ-followers take a “math” approach to their faith journey making it manageable with a system of “do’s and don’ts.” Somewhere along history’s timeline, they began to expect the Bible to be more like a textbook/rulebook than an expression of the art and mystery of God . . . living their lives accordingly. We often reason rather than point to the mystery. God is not a mathematician, mechanic, teacher or the Wizard of Oz although we often perceive Him in that way.

The Art of Being You is a transparent glimpse into God’s creative plans and work in our lives. This new paradigm is simple enough yet too large to fully understand and get our arms wrapped around. God is not taking a band-aid approach to fixing us but rather a passionate, visionary artist’s continual effort to express His creativity in each one of us. God considers humankind his masterpiece.

The Kilpatricks clearly explain the difference between “math” and “art” when it comes to our perceptions concerning God. Here are some of the phrases clarified within the pages . . . Math equates while Art creates; Evangelism is Math — Friendship is Art; Generosity is Art and Tithing is Math and last but not least, Fear is Math while Love is Art.

Bob Will be with us @ Prescott First Assembly Sunday morning November 6th @ 10:00 A.M.

Just a side note – One of Bob’s songs was sung at Mother Teresa’s funeral.

Hope you are able to join us for an amazing day November 6th.

Pastor Steve


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