24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, Mountain biking


Just wanted to post a few pics of  the 24 hours in the Old Pueblo mtn bike weekend.

(double click on the pic for a better larger view.)

Team 4 1/2 Men finished in the top ten in our division out of 38 teams.

24 hour town builds to a population of 3500 then goes away till next year.

No better way to start it up….double espresso.

Dave Sewell and Michael Taylor taking in the pre race mtg.

Team 4 1/2 men rigs

The transition tent –

Some night shots around the course.

Out of the transition tent.

The “rock drop” @ night

Thank you Cindy Alward @ http://www.highgearbikeshop.com/ for the cool jerseys and thank you for sponsoring Team 4 1/2 Men this year.

Thank you team 4 1/2 men (Dave Sewell, Thomas Stotler, Micheal Taylor and Jeanette Wesley) for another great year in the the OP.

What a great event put on by Todd Shadow and http://www.epicrides.com



By the way – on the way down through Phoenix I received this photo on my phone from my friends already at 24 hour town.

double click on the pic to enlarge for a better view.

This little map saves a ton of time if you want a short cut.

Good friends give good directions – I have great friends who don’t “harsh on the mellow.”



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