Discovery Church


My story:
 A youth filled with camping, hiking and travel:

Mexico, Canada, Europe, East Europe, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Russia
Lake Powell, Havasupai, Grand Canyon, Colorado river, Top of Half Dome, Bear Valley in Glacier National Park, Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, and the list goes on…
Competition biking, climbing, and running
Jobs from selling parts to painting fences on a 75 square mile ranch, to remodeling houses.
A home filled with high achievers. There was plenty of talk about DOING, not much about BEING. God was never mentioned.
Who am I? Toby, husband… Dad… Brother, son, friend, leader.
I have a vision map to guide my DOING that makes me quite proud! Prescott Peaks Real Estate Group, The Hike Shack, PhantomTek Software, Rugged Trail Tours (again someday!), York Co Investments, and Kams Naturals.
Thanks to Kam I’ve learned a lot more about BEING! Over the past fourteen years she has taught me that it’s ok to just stay home on a Saturday and enjoy my family! That dinner is a time to share with each other and catch back up on our days. That meditation and prayer are good for the soul and that Sunday dinner at grandmas puts the world back into perspective!
You see I grew up in a home filled with accomplishments and masters in communication… Except for love. I’ve talked with my father three times in four years. He hasn’t been in my home since 2006. And that was to tell me that he and his NEW wife would not be coming to Thanksgiving, ever.
On the other hand my Mother would cut off her right arm and give it to me if she thought it would help! Without my father, her love now shines free and brightens all of our lives!
I am a newbie to Discovery church, but am jumping in with both feet! I love how raw and true this community is! And I have so much to learn…
August 24th 2013 I learned that I had stage four cancer of the parotid gland that had spread down my neck. September 26th I got to have my first ever surgery. A radical dissection of the parotid and neck removing 40 nodes and tumors.
After surgery, in true Kam fashion we celebrated with a family trip to Disney Land! We all had a great time and Wilson had a blast! Grampi and I rode our motor scooters to keep up and we ended the day with that fantastic parade filled with joy and love!
Back to AZ we interviewed four oncologists before finally finding Sarah Kratz at UofA medical center who believed I could live through this cancer! So we moved to Tucson for three joyous months of Chemo and 33 radiation treatments. Amazingly our time in our little Tucson house was great. I was a bear for Kam to deal with and spent two months in a chair or laying in bed, but it became our sanctuary! Kam is amazing at creating a safe and secure home filled with love and that’s what she did for our cancer battle! We had our daily routine of driving across town for radiation treatment at 11. Then lunch on the go while Ws slept in the back seat. I was able to drive most of the time and we explored our new town a little more each day!
We returned to Prescott in January with high expectations of our “normal” lives, but the brunt of my treatment set in with my white and red blood cell counts crashing in February and March forcing another few months in bed. The left side of my face had been paralyzed from surgery as the main tumor had grown around my facial nerve. Amazingly it regenerated in this time and I could smile and close my eye again!
I’ve had a pretty amazing career so far having sold nearly half a billion dollars in cars, twelve million plus in homes and over two million in outdoor gear. This has been accomplished with so much help and through so may awesome relationships. There have been huge failures and successes! Letdowns, lost relationships, kin ships, and lifelong relationships earned. Looking forward the sky’s the limit. The focus is much more on BEING and on WHO I AM than on DOING!
My big why… That one thing that drives me deeper than anything else, is that when we are 80 Kam and I are sitting on a beautiful deck that we own. We are surrounded by our family who love us and most important… Kam still likes me! We can still talk at dinner and laugh often together in life and love!
Who am I? I’m Toby, Husband, Dad, Brother, Son, Leader… I am Discovery!


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