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I am Discovery with Rachel Montague.


The volume on Rachel’s story is a bit hard to hear so heads phones would help you hear her voice better.

Perspective changes everything. It is sometimes hard to appreciate how awesome people are and how awesome

God is without seeing the bigger picture. Although I don’t want to dwell on the “carnage” of my life, it does put blessings and courage into perspective. So here is a brief summary:
I have been* bound and gagged, *Had a loaded gun pointed at my face more than once, *Present inside the scene of several drug raids, *Witnessed many assaults resulting in broken fingers, arms and noses and even *witnessed a stabbing which occurred at one of many addresses I lived as a child.
*My father died at age 28 after serving in Viet Nam, (Agent Orange)
*I was raised by a drug addict, suicidal mother who cut her own wrists in broad day-light in front of her three children.
*Survived serious emotional and physical abuse as a child and* had two abusive boyfriends and was the victim of an armed robbery all before age 19.
I left home at age 16 and managed to become only the 3rd high school graduate in my entire family tree at the time.
My adversarial childhood fashioned a gritty and tenacious child of God.
Though I had determined NOT to marry or have children my mind and heart were changed by God when he brought Mark into my life (AWE-smile, LOL,). Our 27 years together has had its own challenges: many due to my distrust in people and some due to his charisma and charm.
* We have not always agreed on how to raise the kids or keep the house. *We have had two tornadoes hit our home while the boys and I were inside and Mark was at work. *We lived through consecutive years of joblessness which led to bankruptcy and foreclosure which in turn led to homelessness which although brief was a test of our faith and a lesson in trusting God and focusing on what is important. These events brought us to Prescott six years ago where we have continued to watch our two amazing sons-grow into beautiful young men- praise God again and again.

I have always revered police officers and aspired to become one myself. Yet there has always been some obstacle in my path toward achieving that dream. Although my dreams and goals of being a Cop are not likely to come to fruition with the help of God I continue to strive toward those dreams and goals. I am scheduled to complete my bachelor’s degree by March which will allow me become a Probation officer as well as open up other doors in the field of law enforcement.
Some very little known tid-bits about me:* I helped campaign for and shook hands with a sitting president (not the current one) I even worked alongside the Presidential security detail screening rally & fund-raising attendees.* I have argued publicly with Jesse Ventura (made the associated press- ha ha), *had a meet and greet with Donny Osmond and crew back in 1992- remember Soldier of Love? Now you really should be laughing.
* I am a skilled and talented welder who was the only female on a 5 man custom boat fabrication team building fishing boats as well as landing-craft and emergency rescue boats.
I served on a school board, the building committee and taught art at a Lutheran church and school. For 12 years I volunteered and led youth or children in Sunday school groups at three different churches. I created and implemented a horsemanship school of which I was the sole administrator. Mark and I have been homeschooling for going on six years now.

Rachel Montague


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